🚀 [Resources] 8 FREE Lens Flares for Blender, 25% OFF All Creative Shrimp Courses and more

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Today I'm excited to share our new free Lens Flares for Blender, a unique 25% OFF coupon for all Creative Shrimp courses, and a stunning Blender helicopter animation.

Let’s go.

Lens Flares in Blender made Easy

Our CG Boost compositing genius Daniel Nees (who during his day job is a VFX artist on productions like Marvel and Star Wars) has created an easy-to-use lens flare system that works in Blender’s compositor.

It comes with 8 beautiful presets (see examples above), and a bunch of different modules to create your own lens flares with ease.

The system works on still frames and videos alike (useful for 3D renders and real footage) and it’s 100% free to use on any personal or commercial projects.

Download the free Lens Flares here

Daniel even recorded a full tutorial where he explains how the setup works and how to customize it for your projects.

At the end of the tutorial, you'll also learn the basics of automatically tracking the position of light sources in your videos, to place the lens flares in animated shots.

This system is extremely flexible and can be used to enhance your video and VFX projects. I bet you’ll be amazed at the possibilities it opens up.

Click here to watch the full tutorial

All Creative Shrimp Products 25% OFF

Our friends, Gleb and Aidy from Creative Shrimp, have prepared a special offer for you.

A 25% OFF Coupon Code for any of their high-quality Blender courses, for the first 100 students.

25% Off Coupon Code: SHRIMPBOOST

Creative Shrimp's Courses on Blender Market (affiliate link)

Creative Shrimp's Courses on Gumroad (affiliate link)

Creative Shrimp’s courses are known as some of the most in-depth and fun to follow. They cover topics like hard-surface modeling, cinematic lighting, photogrammetry, space nebula creation and more.

There is no better place to learn how to get this cinematic feel for your 3D renders than Creative Shrimp.

Recently they also released their first non-course product, with Dust Particles+, which allows you to add real-time particles to your Blender 3D scenes, for that extra level of realism.

There is even a free version, so check it out here.

Blender Helicopter Landing Animation

Ending today's newsletter, we have a concentrated dose of inspiration from Julien Herbey, who created this helicopter landing animation using Blender (Cycles), Substance 3D, EmberGen and After Effects.

The breakdown section of the video is particularly satisfying to watch. It's also a great reminder that focusing most of your of effort and quality into a short few seconds animation can leave a lasting impression with the viewer.

That's all for this week, until next time with more 3D news and inspiring content.


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