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Our first Livestream is coming up 🎥

published27 days ago
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Zach here, and I'm super happy to announce that we will do our first official livestream on YouTube this week.

Most of the CG Boost team (including me) will join this livestream, and we will critique a couple of random submissions from the last "Abandoned Space Station" 3D Art Challenge, for about one hour.

This is part of our efforts to make the CG Boost Challenge more valuable and personal.

The livestream starts, Wednesday, November 10th, at 19:00 CET.

You can join the livestream here (as soon as we are live)

Make sure to click the "Set Reminder" button, to get notified shortly before the stream starts.

During the stream, you also have the chance to say "Hi" in the live chat.

The team and I are already excited to give this a try.

See you around!


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