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🦉 [Course Update] New "Owl Bot" Chapter for Robotic Planet

Published 29 days ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here,

with some exciting news.

We’ve just added the brand new Owl Bot chapter to our Robotic Planet course for Blender.

To celebrate, we're also running a 3-day, 15% flash sale (more info below).

Louis (the course author) had a blast creating this new robot, and we're happy to share it with you, so you can learn even more workflows to create your own fun robots in Blender.

The sale will only last 3 days, until April 29th (16:00 CEST).

To get the 15% discount, enter the following coupon code during checkout:

Coupon Code (15% Off): OWLBOT

Count down to 2024-04-29T14:00:00.000Z

This new chapter contains the full Owl-Bot creation workflow in a more compressed breakdown format, including some deep dives into specific subjects.

Uniquely, he’ll share how to set up the CRT TV screen and graphics, having the bot's piston like legs move with a nice soft automated rig effect, and much more.

Click here for a full free breakdown video of the Owl Bot creation process, where we go briefly over all the content of the new course update.

This new chapter will enhance and expand the skills you can learn in the previous chapters of the course.

There, you'll actually learn how to create two more robots from scratch.

Starting with a simple Spy-Camera-Bot:

To a more complex Fish-Bot:

Enroll today and learn how to create your own fun robots in Blender.

And don’t forget to enter OWLBOT at checkout, to save 15%.

See you inside!


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