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Zach here,

Today we published a big update for our "Master 3D Sculpting in Blender" course, and we released our (kinda) new "Creature Forge" course.

As described in one of my previous emails, we split our Blender Sculpting course into two courses, to make the heaps of content we added throughout the last year more accessible and fun.

Meaning, we pruned the sculpting course, and turned this content into the new "Creature Forge" course.

Sculpting Course Update

With the update for the sculpting course, we added a new Brushes and Tools section, with 59 new videos, where you learn how to use each and every brush, tool and general sculpting setting in detail.

We also added 13 fun little sculpting challenges, which are spread throughout the course, and give you more opportunities to practice your sculpting skills.

So, look out for this trophy icon 🏆 in the course curriculum.

New Creature Forge Course

Next, we have our kinda new Creature Forge course. As mentioned, this was built from content that was originally part of the sculpting course.

Here we reviewed and updated each lesson and added new ones, so it is a proper learning experience and works as a stand-alone course.

In this course, you'll learn how to sculpt, texture, rig, and animate your own epic creature from scratch in Blender.

Watch the video below to learn more about this course.

Everyone that bought the sculpting course in the past has now access to both courses, simply login to your CG Boost academy account, you should find it in your course library.

For everyone else, we are still running our Birthday Sale til November 2nd, 2023, so you can get both courses with 20% discount.

Get the “Creature Forge” course 20% off

Get the “Master 3D Sculpting in Blender” course 20% off

After the sale has ended, you can still get both courses as a slightly cheaper bundle. For this, simply purchase one of both courses, and add the other course with 20% off at the checkout.

Have fun!


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