Hey Reader,

Zach here,

I hope you had a great spook-tacular time in your favorite monster costume this last Halloween.

Speaking of monsters, have you seen Juan's incredible Alien scene in our CG Boost community?

WARNING: Contains stylized gore, so this might not be suitable for everyone.

In addition, Juan, created a spectacular breakdown video of the animation, which not only gives a look behind the scenes, but its editing is a treat for the eyes.

Did you know that this was only Juan's second attempt at rendering with Blender? Yet, he managed to create this inspiring result.

How did he do it?

Despite his limited experience with Blender, Juan has been a compositing and VFX artist for over two decades.

He was regularly around 3D artists, which served as a huge source of inspiration for him. He mentioned that looking at the work of professionals significantly influenced his Alien scene.

In the past, Juan often started multiple projects but rarely finished them because of the amount of time it takes and the lack of motivation.

However, by joining our past Cubic World Challenge, he had a clear goal in mind that helped him stay motivated.

Also, the Cubic Worlds workflow provided him with the gratification of rapid progress in his work due to its simplified and stylized nature.

Despite running out of time to complete his project within the challenge's time limit, the encouragement and support of the community pushed him to finish his work.

The result?

The creation of a fun and inspiring animation that fills him with pride (and us with joy 😁).

Now it's your turn!

The next time you work on a 3D project, follow Juan's lead and share your progress in the community, ask for feedback, and interact with other students.

By doing so, you'll be able to increase the quality of your work and stay motivated.

Not currently working on anything?

Join our Robotic Wildlife Challenge right now and apply the lessons you've learned from this email to boost your own artistic adventure.

Stay creative!


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