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Hey Reader,

Zach here and I have some "bittersweet" news for you.

Let's start with the "sweet" news: 2023 is about to start, so it is time for another round of Sculpt January, the 31-day-challenge to improve your sculpting skills (+ get 20% off for our Blender sculpting course).

The "bitter" news: This will be the last time we are hosting this event.

Although this is a super fun challenge, and we love to see all your great sculptures, we're in the process of re-focusing our time and energy on the projects that really matter to us, to provide the best quality in what we do best: tutorials and courses. This is why we decided to let go of Sculpt January after January 2023.

What is Sculpt January?

It is an online event, where you can challenge your sculpting skills (digital or traditional) over 31 days of January, with a set of 31 topics we provide (list below). There are no prizes, it's all about improving your sculpting skills and having fun.

How to take part?

  1. Create a sculpting inspired by the topics we provide for each day of January 2023 (see the prompts list below)
  2. Post images of your results on social media
  3. Tag your posts with the hashtag #sculptjanuary2023 and mention us @sculptjanuary
  4. If you get all 31 sculptures done, share a collage at the end of the month, and be proud of what you have achieved 💪

You can also follow Sculpt January on Twitter and Instagram, there we'll share some of your creations (we closed the Facebook group, since we are not active there anymore).

Prompt List

Here you can download the prompt list and logo in high resolution.

Thanks to the community for suggesting and voting for the topics.

Despite the bittersweet news, in behalf of the entire CG Boost team, I wish you a fantastic, creative new year and a fun (last) Sculpt January challenge.


P.S. If you want to get into digital sculpting in Blender, check our Master 3D Sculpting in Blender course, which is 20% off, during Sculpt January.

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