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🚀 [Resources] New Thruster Shader Tutorial, Make Realistic Renders and more

Published 15 days ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here,

with a new round of exciting 3D news.

This time, our Robotic Planet instructor Louis has a fresh CG Boost Blender tutorial for you, showing how to set up a realtime jet thruster shader.

We also have a special deal for P2Design's fantastic Blender rigging course, along with a free video about exporting rigged characters to game engines.

And, last but not least, we have one more thing that can help you with photorealistic renders, so stick with me for more details.

New Tutorial: Thruster FX Shader in Blender

CG Boost is all about giving you extra power for your 3D journey. With the new tutorial from Louis, you will add some powerful jet fuel to your shading engines (and probably laugh a few times along the way, as the video is not only educational 😁).

Learn how to create a jet thruster effect, running in realtime with no simulations or particles involved - fully animated and controllable with a handy slider.

It’s amazing how much you can achieve with a simple mesh, a few nodes and some shader magic!

Watch the tutorial here

Along the way, Louis touches upon Drivers and a little bit of rigging, but if you want to dive deep into that topic and gain full control over your animated characters, I cannot recommend a better resource than Pierrick Picaut (P2Design) and his…

The Art of Effective Rigging 2 Course (15% Off)

The most extensive rigging course in Blender ever released (as Pierrick himself describes it).

This course is a thorough introduction into character rigging in Blender - going from very basic all the way to high-end advanced character rigs, including facial rigging.

For the amount of knowledge that it offers, the course is very moderately priced, and we have an additional special discount just for our community (you).

You can get it with a 15% discount, by using the following coupon code during checkout.

15% Off Coupon Code: CGBOOST

It expires June 19th, 2024 at 11:59pm CEST.

Count down to 2024-06-19T21:59:00.000Z

Exporting Rigged Characters - Blender to Unreal Engine / Unity

Pierrick also shares a lot of his knowledge for free on his YouTube channel.

Recently, he shared a video about a topic that’s high in demand - exporting rigged characters from Blender to Unreal Engine and Unity.

It is actually a free sample from Pierrick’s rigging course (which I mentioned above), so you can get a taste of how thoroughly he goes through the topic.

If you want to learn rigging in Blender, but you aren’t sure if The Art of Effective Rigging 2 course is good for you, definitely give it a watch.

Make Photoreal Renders in Blender

This is a great video by Stache, who made an amazing series of photorealistic video shots in Blender, using 3D models he photo-scanned with a cheap smartphone.

Well, the video is more about photogrammetry than photorealistic rendering - but getting 3D assets from the real world into Blender is surely one way of adding realism to your renders.

Stache shows how to do it with Kiri (a web based photogrammetry app that has both free and paid plans) but he also gives great general tips on how to scan your objects at home or outdoors.

If you never tried photogrammetry before, you should definitely watch the tutorial.

(Also, check out one of our previous newsletter, where we talked about a professional photogrammetry tool, which is now free to use).

That’s all from me for today, I hope it got your 3D engine running.

Have fun!


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