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[Resources] Environments with Geometry Nodes πŸŒ„

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Hey Reader,

Zach here with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

​New "Grassland" Geometry Nodes Chapter​


Martin Klekner is working hard to bring you the next addition to the Master 3D Environments in Blender course. In chapter 17, you will discover how to use Geometry Nodes to create a "Grassland" environment.

The first videos of the chapters are now available. There you will learn several Geometry Nodes based workflows that will teach you how to displace a terrain, scatter assets, randomize values of assets and combine various GeoNode networks together.

More content is coming soon to this chapter, so you will learn how to create the entire scene above.

​Artist Interview with Bert Willemsen​


A new CG Boost challenge winner interview is online. This time we talk with Bert Willemsen, the 1st place winner of the Abandoned Space Station Challenge from the Netherlands.

He will give us some insights of his journey as a CG Artist and a look behind the scenes of his winning artwork.

​Read the interview here​

​Blender Grease Pencil "Bakery Shop" Tutorial​


Kevin Ramirez created another wonderful Grease Pencil tutorial for Blender. This time he shows how to create a lovely bakery shop scene, from start to finish. There you will learn how to use various 2D tools and techniques, to create a painting in 3D space.

​Geometry Proximity Tutorial (Geometry Nodes)​


CrossMind Studio continues with his amazing Blender Geometry Nodes series. This time he covers how to use the Geometry Proximity node, which is useful for all sorts of motion graphics and procedural effects.

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!


P.S. Here is a cool Cubic Worlds scene created by one of our students. A new character animation chapter is coming next month to the course. Stay tuned!

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