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[Resources] Cool Virtual Produced Show πŸ“Ί

publishedover 1 year ago
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Hey Reader,

Zach here, with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

​Sculpting Fur in Blender​


In our new video, I show you how to use brush textures (alphas) to sculpt fur in Blender.

In the video we will go over how to import the brush textures, how to adjust the brush settings for best results, and you can enjoy a short time-lapse where I sculpt some fur onto a little creature using this technique.

​Open 3D Project by Poly Haven​


Poly Haven is providing free high-quality 3D assets, easily accessible online. Now, in order to grow their free 3D library, they started an Indiegogo campaign called "The Smuggler's Cove".

There they collect money to create a big 3D scene in the colonial-era. All the props and textures created for the project will then be freely available for everyone on​

​Our first Art Critique Livestream​


This week, we did our first livestream on YouTube, where we critiqued submissions of the last Abandoned Space Station challenge. The recording of the livestream is now online.

In the video we give feedback to 10 submissions and there is also a QnA session at the end. Simply check the chapter marks. It was great fun, and we will definitely do this again for future challenges.

​Xanadu - Virtual Produced Show​


Here is an interesting YouTube channel I came across recently (not Blender related). This guy is using virtual production to create a vlog show called "Xanadu" in a digital realtime environment.

He is using a motion capture suit and other tech, to capture his performers live, which is then streamed into Unreal Engine onto an 3D alien called "Blu". In the video above, you can learn a bit more on what tools he is using to make this happen.

Also, check out the full first episode here.


​Cubic Worlds Course: New Machine Creation Chapter finished​


Last but not least, this week we finished up the next big chapter for the Cubic Worlds course, which is about robot and vehicle creation and rigging.

We added 26 new lessons with a total running time of about 4 hours.

In these new lessons, you will learn how to model and rig both a robot and car from scratch.

I especially enjoyed the car rigging part, where we make the car follow a curve, make the wheels spin and steer automatically, make it stick to an uneven surface and add working suspension.

This update is free for everyone that joined the course already, so just login to the course and enjoy the new content.

For everyone else, you can get the course here.​

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!