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Ready to learn Grease Pencil in Blender? (New course + 20% Discount) πŸ–οΈ

published10 days ago
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Hey Reader,

Zach here, and I'm super excited to announce the release of our new big course: Master Grease Pencil in Blender!

​​Stop talking, take me straight to the course page​
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We partnered up with talented digital artist and Grease Pencil expert Kevin Ramirez, to bring you this new course.

Ok, Zach, but what is Grease Pencil? And what is the course all about?

Lazy answer: Watch this video...

Not so lazy answer:

In a nutshell, Grease Pencil is Blender's unique drawing tool, that lets you draw and animate 2D shapes in 3D space, which opens up a whole new creative universe.

For example, you can draw and animate 2D objects and characters in a 3D environment, or make 3D objects look as if they were drawn in 2D. The possibilities are endless.

Although Grease Pencil gives you many new creative ways of telling your stories, it is also a quite complex tool, and it can be hard to fully wrap your head around.

This is why we created this course, to give you a proper and enjoyable start into Grease Pencil, so you don't have to watch random YouTube videos.

In addition to the fundamentals of Grease Pencil, you will also learn how to create a beautiful 2.5D fantasy village scene from scratch and step-by-step, using only free tools (Blender).

Do I need to be able to draw?

No, you can join the course without previous Grease Pencil or drawing experience. Only some basic Blender knowledge is recommended, to have fun with this course.

However, we do recommend using a graphics tablet for this course, even a basic one will make your Grease Pencil journey much more enjoyable, although working with a mouse will work in most cases.

What is inside?

The course comes with 60+ short and fun video lessons, with a running time of 4.5+ hours.

We are already working on more content for the course, which will be added soon, free for all existing customers. So stay tuned for even more Grease Pencil goodness.

As always...

  • English captions are provided
  • You can stream the course online, or request access to download the course
  • All project files are included
  • You can ask for help underneath the videos, or in our student-only community. Kevin and the CG Boost team will be there to help you.

Tested and approved

Worth mentioning here, is that we made a beta test with a couple of students before we launched the course.

These beta testers gave us valuable insights about what they liked and disliked about the course. So we took this feedback and already improved the course by changing some lessons and adding new ones, which should result in an even smoother experience.

Here you can read what our beta testers think of the course.

Ready to join in?

If you join in early, you can get the course with 20% discount till January 2nd, 2023.

Simply use the coupon code below and enter it at the checkout page.

Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD20

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See you inside!