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🌲[New Tutorial] Scatter Large-scale Forests in Blender

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here,

Ever tried creating a vast forest in Blender?

One of our recent tutorials covered just that, and it’s been a hit, with over 200k views.

In that previous tutorial, Martin Klekner taught you how to create realistic 2D billboards of trees, so you can create large scale forests in a very optimized way, while still looking stunning.

Many had questions about how to effectively scatter those optimized trees over a large environment.

So, that is what our new tutorial is all about:

In this tutorial, you’ll learn two scattering methods:

  • First, using Blender's good old Particle System
  • And second, using the power of Geometry Nodes

This tutorial uses some techniques from our comprehensive environment course for Blender.

However, the course dives deeper, offering a plethora of environment creation methods. Already, 7000+ students have leveled up their skills with this course.

If you’re committed to master 3D environments in Blender, click here



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