Hey Reader,

Zach here,

I'm excited to share that we just published a new free Blender rigging tutorial from our talented instructor Louis du Mont, creator of our ​Robotic Planet course​.

For this tutorial, you'll learn how to effectively rig a very funny robot in Blender, which we named "JokeBot9000".

More specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Use armatures (bones) for hard-surface objects
  • Automate animation with drivers and custom properties
  • Create a waveform display for the robot's mouth

BTW. this tutorial can be a great help for our current running Robotic Wildlife 3D Animation Challenge.

For this, we challenge you to create a 3D robotic animal, that lives in a natural environment. And since this is an animation challenge, you also have to rig and animate your robots.

So hopefully this video comes in handy!

Learn more about the challenge here

Have fun!


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