📖✨ CG Boost’s Black Friday Sale Ongoing + Magic Storybook Part 2 coming soon!

Hey Reader,

Zach here,

Hope you had a great weekend and got a chance to snag some amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

I wanted to let you know that here at CG Boost, our sale is still happening until December 4th, 2023 16:00 CET.

20% Discount Code: BOOST23

There are two standout courses that are on sale right now, and you don't want to miss out on:

1. Creature Forge

2. Magic Storybook*

*Formerly known as “Master Grease Pencil in Blender”.

We have some exciting news about Magic Storybook! Its 2nd part is ready and coming very soon.

Here is a sneak peek for you:

Magic Storybook is truly unique—it teaches you how to easily create entire 2.5D worlds using Blender, combined with its powerful tool, Grease Pencil.

This course is designed to minimize the technical hurdles of CG creation, allowing you to more intuitively focus on bringing your imagination to life in 3D space.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, this course is the resource to help you bring your vivid imagination to the screen and share them with the world.

Part 1 is already out, where you learn the basics of Grease Pencil and create a medieval fantasy village. Check out the beautiful student results here.

And in Part 2, which is just around the corner, you’ll take your skill to a whole new level and learn to build even more magical scenes.

This new update will come free for all existing course owners. If you haven't joined yet...

You can get the course now 20% off

Stay tuned for more updates on Part 2 later this week. There's so much more magic to unveil.


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