Hey Reader,

Zach here.

It's February already, and you might wonder, when does the next CG Boost challenge starts?

We decided to pause the challenge for now, and focus our energy on our mission for 2023. Which essentially is to inspire and teach you to create your best CG projects.

We know that the challenge is a great tool for that, however, as it was last year, it was a bit too disconnected from this mission, our courses and the community.

Pausing the challenge (and also other projects like the resource newsletter) gives us the time to align everything better to this mission.

I can't promise anything right now, but we are working on bringing the challenge back in one form or another, with even more inspiring potential.

Till this point, remember, you can always challenge yourself with personal projects and post your work-in-progress and finished results in our community to get feedback.

To end on an inspiring note, here is an awesome Blender animation created by Denys Snisarenko, one of our Cubic Worlds course students.

Stay creative!


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