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[Resources] Inspiring Arcane behind the scenes documentary 💎

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hey Reader,

Zach here, with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

Arcane: Bridging the Rift (Documentary)

The animated TV show "Arcane" on Netflix is visually and animation-wise one of the most impressive shows I have seen in recent years.

If you are curious how it was made, there is a new behind the scenes documentary series online, that gives us a deeper look on how this show was pulled off.

Above you can check out the trailer, and currently there are three parts available on YouTube. You can check the first episode here.

Win a trip to the Blender Conference 2022

Ever wanted to visit the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, but you live too far away or your financial situation does not allow it? Here is your chance!

After two years, the Blender Conference finally takes place again. and Sketchfab just launched a new challenge with prizes that include two all-expenses paid trips to the Blender Conference in Amsterdam.

Your task is to reimagine your favorite splash screen of Blender and upload it as a real-time scene to Sketchfab.

This is a great chance to meet all the nice Blender people in Amsterdam.

Join the challenge here

Cobweb using Geometry Nodes in Blender (Tutorial)

Joey Carlino just shared an interesting tutorial about how to create cobweb in Blender using Geometry nodes. After you set this up, you can draw a bunch of curves, and it will generate the web automatically.

Beautiful Blender Showreel by JuanCarlos CR

Here is a beautiful little showreel by JuanCarlos CR with personal projects created in Blender and Substance Painter. Also, the editing of the videos is very enjoyable.

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!