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[Resources] Epic Jurassic Park Environment Animation πŸŒ„

published2 months ago
1 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here, with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

​"Plexus" Effect Blender Tutorial​

Entagma uploaded a new Blender tutorial where he creates the "plexus" effect using Geometry Nodes. Which are essentially moving dots with random connected lines. So, a pretty cool motion graphics animation.

​Blender Environment Animation (Jurassic Park)​

Although super short, this is a pretty realistic looking animation, created in Blender (Cycles) by Julien Herbey.

​Here you can get a bit of behind the scenes info.

​Blender Fuzzy Fur Tutorial​

Here is a fun Blender Geometry Nodes tutorial by Joey Carlino, teaching how to turn any kind 3D object into a fluffy, fuzzy plushy. 🐩

​Black Friday Blender Course Deals​

Black Friday is here, and although we don't have a Black Friday sale running, there are some great deals from our friends and partners.

Below you find some must have Blender courses which are currently discounted. These are affiliate links.

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!