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Takeout - Blender Short

William Landgren, a 14-year-old Blender artist, just keeps delivering amazing 3D animations, like his latest "Takeout" short, created in Blender.

He has an incredible attention to detail and created shots with very realistic lighting and materials. Reminds me a bit of Ian Hubert's style.

And did I mention that he is just 14 years old? 😋

Two new free Blender Add-ons from Adobe

SouthernShotty shows two cool new free Blender add-ons from Adobe on his YouTube channel.

Well, you might think that "Adobe" and "free" are two things that can't exist in the same world, but see for yourself. 😉

The first one is a Mixamo add-on, which makes working with imported Mixamo rigs and animations in Blender easier, and the second add-on allows you to use Substance 3D materials directly in Blender.

Download the Mixamo add-on here, and the Substance add-on here.

Best Blender Rigging course 40% off

Pierrick Picaut is known for his great rigging and animation skills in the Blender community. Great that he is good at teaching too. He is currently running a sale with a huge discount.

So, I just can't recommend enough to grab his great Blender rigging course, to learn the ins and outs of rigging characters.

You can get it with 40% off, using this coupon code: 10k40k

Get the course here

The sale ends on August 1st, 2021, so don't wait for too long.

Ah, and btw. Pierrick is releasing a big course on character animation in Blender very soon.

All Polygoniq Blender add-ons 33% off

And here is another big Blender sale I couldn't resist to share. The guys at Polygoniq are giving 33% discount for all of their amazing Blender add-ons, until August 21st, 2021.

I can highly recommend the big "Botaniq" trees and plants library, the huge "Materialiq" Cycles and EEVEE material library, or the "Traffiq" library with many different vehicles.

All these libraries come with handy add-ons, so you can easily add the assets to your 3D scenes and adjust them with a few clicks.

Simply use the coupon code: beach40

Get the add-ons on Gumroad

or get them on the Blender Market

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!


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