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[Resources] Blender 3.2 is here! ๐Ÿš€

published8 months ago
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Hey Reader,

Zach here, with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

โ€‹Blender 3.2 officially released!โ€‹


What? Again, another Blender version? ๐Ÿ˜…

Nothing can stop the amazing speed of Blender's developers. They just released the stable version of Blender 3.2, with a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

For more info, check out the video above, or read the release notes here.

My favorite new features are the painting options in Sculpt Mode, the ability to use collections in the Asset Browser and the Shadow Caustics!

โ€‹Environments with Geometry Nodes in Blender (Breakdown)โ€‹


In our latest YouTube video, Martin Klekner breaks down one of the environments from his "Master 3D Environments in Blender" course.

He goes into using Geometry Nodes for landscape shots, scattering assets, adding 2D elements and lighting large scenes.

For step-by-step lessons, make sure to check out the full course.

โ€‹Huge procedurally generated Planet in Blenderโ€‹


Although the video quality is not the best, this is still a super impressive project.

This is an entire planet (larger than earth), including cities, nature, clouds, and atmosphere procedurally generated in Blender. So you can seamlessly fly from space to the surface of the planet.

If you want to learn more, you can read the video description or watch this behind the scenes video.

โ€‹Car Crash in Blender (Tutorial)โ€‹


Raffo VFX published a three-part tutorial about creating a physics-based car crash simulation in Blender.

This is the best result I have seen so far in Blender. And it seems to be a ton of fun to play around with it. And it runs surprisingly fast.

โ€‹"Blender Hotkey Sheet" PDF updated to Blender 3.2โ€‹


Last but not least, we updated our Blender Hotkey Sheet PDF to reflect the changes in the new stable version of Blender 3.2. ๐Ÿงพ

You can sign up here for free to get it (email required), or just login to your CG Boost Academy account if you have signed up already, and download it.

That's it for this week, now enjoy your weekend and stay creative!