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[Resources] Arcane Style in Blender πŸ’Ž

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Zach here with another round of useful and inspiring CG and Blender related resources.

​Autofocus in Blender (Tutorial)​


Last week, I published a fun Blender tutorial, where we set up an autofocus camera and a lighting setup that automatically adjusts to the position of the camera. All that directly in the 3D viewport.

This gives you good reason to spend even more time staring at your half finished 3D models. πŸ˜‰

​Arcane Style in Blender (Tutorial)​


Here is a great 2-part tutorial series by Lightning Boy Studio, where they cover how to create a similar style as in the Arcane TV show.

In the first part they cover how to create hair, and in the second part, how to use camera projections, to get this distinct texture look.

​Cinematic Lighting in Blender​


In the new tutorial by Polyfjord, you learn how he is lighting up most of his cinematic renders, that make his videos so special.

​Cinematic Car Animation in Blender​


And another "cinematic" tutorial. Here, JeanYan Online, goes over the full workflow of creating a cinematic car animation in Blender.

This tutorial has also a second part, which you can watch here.

That's it for this week, I will be off for one week now, to enjoy some free time with my family. Of course, the CG Boost team is still here to answer your questions.


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