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Next 3D Art Critique Livestream is coming up 🎥

published23 days ago
1 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here.

Our next livestream starts Wednesday, November 9th, at 19:00 CET.

Together with Jan van den Hemel (, we will critique a couple of submissions from the current "Little Traveler" 3D art challenge.

Want your submission to be reviewed? 👇

We will pick a couple of submissions ourselves, but we will also randomly pick five people that reply to this email, that get their submission reviewed during the livestream.*

* Keep in mind, that if your artwork was reviewed in one of the last livestreams, we will give other people precedence.

So, if you have participated in this challenge, hit reply. ✍

You can join the livestream here (as soon as we are live)

Make sure to click the "Set Reminder" button, to get notified shortly before the stream starts.

During the stream, you also have the chance to say "Hi" in the live chat.

See you around!