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New 3D Art Challenge: City in the Sky! 🏆

published5 days ago
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Zach here.

After a very long break for several months, we are now back with our new and improved 3D Art challenge, with the topic "City in the Sky"!

How does it work?

  • You have 3 weeks time (till July 13th, 2022)
  • Create a 3D render that fits the topic
  • You can use any 3D tool of your choice (not only Blender)
  • Post your work-in-progress renders here to get feedback
  • Get the chance to win some cool prizes
  • Have fun, improve your 3D skills and create art for your portfolio

What is new?

To make the challenge more accessible, we now have two categories, the “Training Arena” and the “Pro Arena”.

Training Arena: This category is for all beginner 3D artists, that want to improve their skills in a save place, without much pressure, because here there won’t be any winners. However, we will highlight a few artworks which we like a lot on the winner page.

Pro Arena: This category is where you can show the world what you got, by competing against other more advanced 3D artists. Here we will honor the best artworks with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and two honorable mentions. They will eternalize on the winner page, in the hall of fame, and they will win some great prizes.

Judging Team & Guest Judge

We wanted to make the judging process a bit more personal. So, we reduced the judges down to only the core CG Boost team and for each challenge we now invite one special guest. This time, our fellow Blender YouTube creator Curtis Holt is on board, to help us decide who will win!

What prizes can you win?

Each category has its own prize pool, sponsored by our amazing sponsors.

For the "Training Arena", we raffle some cool educational prizes under everyone that participates in this category. So you can win something, just by participating.

For the "Pro Arena", we have a prize pool of 3D assets and free render credits, which will be distributed among all three winners and the two honorable mentions.

Click here to see all the prizes

Join the community and get feedback

If you want to get feedback on your work-in-progress renders for the challenge, or just have some general questions about the challenge, you can post it in the dedicated Challenge Space in our community.

Now click here to join the challenge and don't miss this great opportunity to improve your 3D skills!

Good luck!

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