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Enjoy our new CG Boost website 🥳

published8 months ago
1 min read

Hey Reader,

Zach here, and I'm super happy to show you our new website! 🥳

For a very long time I wanted to upgrade our website, not just to give it a fresh and more professional look, but also to better communicate what CG Boost is all about and make it easier to navigate (and easier to manage in the background).

In the beginning of this year we finally got the ball rolling and now after over 4 months of hard work, it is finally done!

What have we changed?

We moved from WordPress (which we had more and more issues with over the years) over to Webflow. This change made it possible to make it look exactly how we wanted, and it is now blazing fast to load (and easier to manage in the background 😅).

On the front page you can now see a good overview of what we do and finally the core CG Boost team is visible there as well.

One of the main things we wanted to put in front, are the awesome student works, which you can now find in different places on the website. 🤩

(We will add more over time.)

We also made some exciting changes to the CG Boost challenges. However, we'll share more details about this in a separate email, when we announce the next challenge on June, 22nd.

(I know we made a very long break with the challenges, hopefully the wait was worth it).

Our courses are still running on Teachable, however, the product pages are now hosted on the new website, which hopefully results in a much better experience, when exploring them.

Need help with your website?

A big shout-out to Andreas Kuhnen, who was the main man behind the relaunch, and it was a fantastic experience working with him.

So if you need a nice Webflow website, just get in touch with him. 😉

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Now, let us know how you like the new website? Is it a better experience than before? What do you like (or even dislike) the most?

Also, if you come across any bugs, spelling mistakes or non-working links, please let us know by simply reply to this email.

Have fun!