Cinematic Apocalyptic Scene in Blender ⛽

published2 months ago
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Hey Reader,

Zach here,

and today I have an exciting breakdown video for you, created by Covington on his YouTube channel, about how he created a realistic apocalyptic scene mainly done in Blender.

At CG Boost, we focus on creating and sharing content that is inspiring, while also encouraging you to continue taking practical steps in creating your own passionate 3D projects.

And I feel that this video serves this perfectly!

In the breakdown video he mainly uses Blender, Gimp, Quixel and DaVinci Resolve to create the scene, while sharing an easy-to-follow and condensed overview of his entire design process, including:

  • Breaking down a complicated looking scene into simple shapes
  • Modeling buildings
  • Texturing techniques for adding damage, grunge and graffiti
  • Creating believable asphalt
  • Using Quixel vegetation and scattering with Geometry Nodes
  • Adding old car scans for free from Sketchfab
  • Adding story to your scenes and even a cool Easter egg
  • Compositing and color grading in DaVinci Resolve

What I found really inspiring is how he shares his own disappointments with creating an ambitious 3D project like this and how he overcome this, by taking a break and learning to have fun again while creating.

I hope you find his video as inspiring as we do at CG Boost!

Stay creative!


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