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[Blender Secret] Create Characters in just a few clicks in Blender 🧍‍♀️

published3 months ago
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Jan here with another Blender Secret like the ones you can find in my 1188 page e-Book.

Create characters in just a few clicks in Blender 🧍‍♀️

MB-Lab is a character creation tool for Blender that lets you create complex, realistic or stylized characters in just a couple of clicks, including clothing, hair and rigging!

Image by Manuel Bastioni, original author of the add-on (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Get it from Github here. In Blender Preferences, install the ZIP file.

You can also download clothing assets from Github here. In the case of the clothing assets you do have to unpack the ZIP file, and place the files somewhere easy to find.

You'll find the add-on in the Option panel which you can open by pressing N. By default it's set to Cycles, but you can also set it to work with Eevee.

Now for the fun part! Select an initial character preset from the Select drop-down menu. In this example, I'm going with the "Caucasian female" option. Then, click on Create character.

You can tweak the age, mass and tone values (tone is how muscular the character is). Switch to Material preview by pressing Z > Material preview to see what the skin and eyes looks like.

Instead of changing values manually, you can also try one of the presets under the Types dropdown menu.

Further down there are a lot of options for the skin and eyes that you can adjust with sliders. In case you change a value that influences displacement, such as skin_bump, you'll need to click on Update displacement to see the changes.

Once you're happy with the character, click on Finalize Tools and then on Finalize with textures and backup.

You'll be asked to save the texture somewhere, after which Blender will "bake" the character to a normal rigged character mesh. You can't undo this step, so don't click until you're certain!

Now let's add some clothes. Click on Assets and Hair and point the Library folder field to the folder with the unzipped assets that you downloaded from Github earlier.

Choose the assets you want to use one by one from the Assets model drop-down menu.

As you can see, the clothes don't fit by default. That's because we changed the shape of the body. To make them fit, open the Proxy Fitting options, select the clothing piece and click on Fit Proxy.

You may need to fine-tune it by adjusting the Offset and Influence values, and each time clicking on Fit Proxy to see the changes.

Finally let's add some hair! Click on the Assets and Hair options and choose a preset from the Color Select drop-down menu. With the character selected click on Particle Hair.

Now you can groom the hair with the standard Blender Particle Edit tools.

While this free solution for human character creation in Blender with MB Lab will be enough for beginner users, for more advanced work and options like convenient hair style presets, we recommend the awesome Human Generator Blender Add-on ($).

Did you like these tips? For hundreds of other Blender tips like these, check out the 1000+ page Blender Secrets e-book.

See you for the next Blender Secret!

~ Jan

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